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Yasmin Yusoff

My experience at Verthys The Signature was absolutely outstanding! Verthys The Signature not only provides top-notch facial services but also makes you feel truly welcome. I highly recommend this place to anyone looking for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Jan Lim

I am very satisfied with Beautician Rossie’s service. She is highly professional, and I appreciate her patience. I will introduce my friend to their skincare store. 😊


Had a great experience here! Did their Pore Refining Treatment by Jessie & she was kind and professional throughout. It was a comfortable and relaxing experience, I really recommend coming here. 🙂


I really like the thorough skin analysis that they go through with me, it allows me to understand the areas I should take good care of. I did the Goodbye Pore Treatment and it has freshen up my skin as i get to see the oil being suction away. 👍🏻

Nabilah Amir

The beautician and staff are sooo friendly! They also asked if can bear the pain so they can reduce it to mild for microblading treatment. Lurve much!

Khairil Azman

Pengalaman pertama buat facial treatment di sini sangat bagus, staff yang peramah, tempat cantik dan selesa. Firstly, staff tu bantu buat scan analysis dan berikan khidmat nasihat untuk rawatan yang sesuai untuk kulit muka. So kita boleh tahu keadaan kulit muka kering atau berminyak. Kalau kulit muka teruk dorang akan advise untuk rawatan lain pula. So aku dapat rawatan Skin Methic Treatment. Selepas rawatan, muka rasa segar, nampak lebih sihat dan cerah. Sure boleh repeat lagi next month.

Jun Tay

Recently had both facial and body massage treatments at this establishment and I couldn’t be more pleased with the service. With my oily and sensitive skin, I was delighted to find that they addressed my concerns effectively and efficiently. Undoubtedly the finest facial treatment in Arkadia!

Amalina Jasmin

Saya mengalami kulit gelap dan kusam sebelum ini. Selepas mencuba V-Glow Facial di Verthys The Signature hanya dengan RM138, kulit saya kelihatan lebih cerah dan berseri. Pekerja di sini sangat profesional dan prihatin. Saya sangat mengesyorkan tempat ini!

Sharon Wei M. Cheong

Good service and products. Have been with them for close to a year and it has not disappoint. Their massage is superb as well.

Tyra Lee

The best spa ever ! I think they used the best ingredients as i can feel the difference after the treatment .

June Liu



Saya telah mendapat rawatan facial yang sungguh berbaloi dan memberi banyak manfaat kepada ekspresi wajah saya. Saya sangat mengesyorkan kepada semua yang ingin mendapatkan rawatan facial untuk menyertai dan datang tanpa ragu! Sangat disyorkan!

Lee Wei Kit


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