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    3 Months Rejuvenation Pack

    or 3 payments of RM308.00 with

    3 Months to Rejuvenate Your Skin Buy now pay later 3 easy payments with 0% interest & get extra <RM15 off> for new user✨ Receive 8pcs FREE GIFT when purchase

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    Christmas Beauty Kit

    or 3 payments of RM360.00 with

    Get this beauty gift set for FREE with purchase of Verthys products @ RM1080.

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    Hydra Boost Kit

    or 3 payments of RM36.00 with

    Kick start your DIY Home-Treat Hydra Boost Kit ~ Energetic Facial Lotion 50ml ~ Hydra+ Serum 5ml ~ Hydra+ Cream 8ml ~ Hydra+ Concentrate Ampoule 2ml ~ UV Care SPF25++ 5ml ~ RM50 Cash Voucher

  • Option 1

    or 3 payments of RM1,666.67 with

    Free • 1x Hydra+ Serum 30ml • 1x Hydra+ Cream 30ml • 1x Hydra+ Complex 30ml • 1x Hydra+ Hyaluronic Concentrate Ampoule 5x12ml • 1x RepairDerm Delicate Ampoule 5x2ml • 1x OxyPlus Concentrate Ampoule 5x2ml • 1x Delicate Milk Cleanser 50ml • 1x Energetic Facial Toner 50ml • 1x Collagen-Shock Travel Kit 2pcs

  • Option 2

    or 3 payments of RM1,666.67 with

    •  FREE 10 box of Ampoules

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    Ultimate Pampering Facial

    or 3 payments of RM22.67 with

    Ultimate pampering facial that deliver results Choose 1 from below: * Hydro-Boost Facial * Clarifying Facial * Lift-Up Facial * Brightening Facial