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  • Option 1

    or 3 payments of RM1,666.67 with

    Free • 1x Hydra+ Serum 30ml • 1x Hydra+ Cream 30ml • 1x Hydra+ Complex 30ml • 1x Hydra+ Hyaluronic Concentrate Ampoule 5x12ml • 1x RepairDerm Delicate Ampoule 5x2ml • 1x OxyPlus Concentrate Ampoule 5x2ml • 1x Delicate Milk Cleanser 50ml • 1x Energetic Facial Toner 50ml • 1x Collagen-Shock Travel Kit 2pcs

  • Option 2

    or 3 payments of RM1,666.67 with

    •  FREE 10 box of Ampoules

  • Oxy Plus Concentrate Ampoule

    or 3 payments of RM76.00 with

    The natural astringent effect of Fomes Officinalis, enzymes of Hydrolyzed Yeast, and calming Antioxidants, Vitamins B3 & B5 fortifies calm resilience & youthful glow.

  • Oxy Plus Concentrate Fluid

    or 3 payments of RM129.33 with

    Nature – s double oxygenating power – Glutamate, Glutamine, 6 Essential Amino Acids, Valine, Threonine, and Ginkgo Biloba – doubles up skin energy and collagen.

  • Oxy Plus Nourishing Scrub

    or 3 payments of RM76.00 with

    Scrub & Oxygenate for 2x More Refined Radiance.

  • Purifying Mask

    or 3 payments of RM76.00 with

    A clarifying, mineral-rich cleansing mask.

  • Re-Energize Complex

    or 3 payments of RM102.67 with

    Watch the redness on skin rapidly reduce – it¡¯s the ¡®immediate healing effect¡¯ performed by this cream by boosting up vital skin immunity within!

  • Rejuvenating Massage Oil

    or 3 payments of RM96.00 with

    Relax, breathe deeply. Allow it to work its rejuvenating wonders & feel reenergized.

  • RepairDerm Delicate Ampoule

    or 3 payments of RM76.00 with

    Cultivate skin that’s affirmed in its ability to keep cool at all times. Harnessing the moisturizing power of the Cactus to smooth and protect, and Panthenol (Vit B5) to reduce itchy irritation. It’s a deeply calming treat!

  • RepairDerm Repair Cream

    or 3 payments of RM156.00 with

    Generate youthful repair and renewal abilities with the power of Palmitoyl Tripeptide-5 and Spirulina Maxima extract. Skin calms down, as the anti-stress properties of Omega 3-6-9 (GLA) is released. A lavishly nourishing treat!

  • RepairDerm Repair Filler

    or 3 payments of RM139.33 with

    Stimulate youthful regeneration and increased resilience. Fortified with the cooling and calming Lu Gen and Fu Ling herbs, plus the clarifying effects of Gingko Biloba Extracts Leaf, feel discomfort diminished. A delightfully hydrating treat!

  • RepairDerm Soothing Gel

    or 3 payments of RM89.33 with

    Motivate skin to maintain its cool and calm demeanor, with gently relaxing plant extracts. Fortified with the excellent healing properties of Ectoin (Amino-Acid), skin’s perfect balance will be restored. An incredibly soothing treat!