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  • Cellular Bright Serum

    or 3 payments of RM139.33 with

    UNLOCK LUMINOUS POWER WITHIN!A potent booster that penetrates deeply at cellular level to enhance the performance of active complex ingredients


  • Cellular Lift Concentrate

    or 3 payments of RM82.67 with

    Hi-tech anti aging concentrate of moisturizing and rejuvenating.

  • Collagen-Shock Firming Serum

    or 3 payments of RM136.00 with

    Youth-Collagen Activitors – Works rapidly to revitalize skin’s natural collagen replenishing ability.

  • Fineskin Fluid

    or 3 payments of RM106.00 with

    Anti-acne Concentrate is an advanced solution tackles multiple issues regarding blemish-prone skin by calming overly reactive skin, purifying clogged pores and preventing breakouts.

  • Fineskin Renewal Complex

    or 3 payments of RM66.00 with

    Excellent on softening black/white heads and oil seed.

  • Hydra+ Serum

    or 3 payments of RM96.00 with

    From now on, every hour is happy hour for skin!

  • Inten.Youth Revive Serum

    or 3 payments of RM116.00 with

    Firm-up with this highly concentrated smoothening and moisturizing serum.

  • Inten.Youth Stem Cell Essence

    or 3 payments of RM99.33 with

    Regain skin’s youthful definition with the power of Apple Stem Cells.

  • RepairDerm Repair Filler

    or 3 payments of RM139.33 with

    Stimulate youthful regeneration and increased resilience. Fortified with the cooling and calming Lu Gen and Fu Ling herbs, plus the clarifying effects of Gingko Biloba Extracts Leaf, feel discomfort diminished. A delightfully hydrating treat!

  • RepairDerm Soothing Gel

    or 3 payments of RM89.33 with

    Motivate skin to maintain its cool and calm demeanor, with gently relaxing plant extracts. Fortified with the excellent healing properties of Ectoin (Amino-Acid), skin’s perfect balance will be restored. An incredibly soothing treat!

  • Vitalift Concentrate

    or 3 payments of RM139.33 with

    Dramatically boosts skin’s lifting and regenerative abilities with Apple Stem Cell power. Rapidly performs firming effect with anti-aging benefits, as it soothes, hydrates, improves suppleness with Hydrolyzed Rhizobian and Algin. Rich in Vit F from Phospholipids, it repairs and restores skin, while maintaining hydration and wellness. Infused with Tromethamine, it restores vital pH balance.