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VERTHYS Paris is a trustworthy brand of skincare, powered by 30 years of beauty science and inspired by nature’s timeless resilience. Developed by Master Cosmetologists in France, the brand’s debut into Asia in 2013 is conceptualized by its Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Tay. Driven by a passion for the beauty industry and with more than 12 years of experience in this line, this up-and-rising brand has the advantages of reliable leadership at its helm with a proven track record in the business. From now until the future, VERTHYS is strategically positioned to grow amidst a thriving and competitive market, even as its range of beauty solutions demonstrates the perfect marriage of nature and science, working to restore skin back to its Amazing State of Equilibrium.

We value your trust and confidence in our brand, and in our comprehensive plans for its steady growth. We’ll endeavour to realize its long-term success.

Inspiring Beauty with Nature

Our philosophy is inspired by nature’s spirit of resilience and ability to thrive in the midst of challenging conditions. Indeed, nature informs the creation of Verthys skincare, from its conception, to its final ingredients. ‘Inspiring Beauty with Nature’ is our philosophy. Thus, we seek to delight our customers with the symphony of nature’s timeless beauty, strength and resilience, powered by 30 years of trusted beauty science. We invite our present and future business partners to join us in this rewarding journey of turning our philosophy ‘Inspiring Beauty with Nature’, into a reality.

Creating a Beautiful Legacy & a Brighter Future in Malaysia,
South East Asia… and Beyond

Lead by a vision to grow our brand presence, we aim to be the next Top 5 Brands in Malaysia in the coming years, while steadily advancing to viable neighboring markets, greater South East Asia, and beyond. Focused on increasing our quality agents from 20, 50, to 100 and rising in the next 5 years, we endeavour to equip our partners with time-proven, sharp business strategies for greater results and success. We intend to be in partnership with trusted partners who share our vision for growth. Together, let’s create ‘A Beautiful Legacy & A Brighter Future’ for all.

To Uplift and Inspire Beauty in Women

Driven by a mission to deliver nature’s best into the hands of women worldwide, we utilize the latest in cosmetology innovations, preserving the pristine condition of natural extracts, for best regenerative benefits. Guided by a spirit of excellence, we aim to delight our customers by upholding a distinctive quality control in everything we do, ensuring to deliver high quality services and products, and satisfying experiences.

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